Stringing Silly Phrases Together 4

A lonesome person found in Chocolate Hills

found a dirty pair of sweat socks filled

with gummy worms and every type of sweet goodies

giving stomach aches after eating all those fruity

treats.  Storms clouds covered the sunny sky

while she lay flat lying

on sharp crusty porcupines dancing to the Mexican

salsa while twirling flaming batons with paper cranes

smoking weed in one corner of gambling

mobsters betting each other on who could

jump off of 70 foot building faster.

Gun shots echoed across the mountains when

Fat Toleda Joe, a mob boss, threatened to annihilate

all the festivites if he didn't get his

baby bottle heated at the right temperature.

All hell broke lose as the lonely person accidently

threw all her sock filled gummies into the air first

causing the paper cranes to peck at the ground and at the people but never the porcupines because

of their horny thorniness.  As a result

everyone ended up dead except the cranes and the porcupines.

Who would've thought they would win the mobster's bet

when they both committed suicide due to their accident

at the mountain party.

Going 300 miles per hour from a 70 foot building

all one can ever hear throughout the mountainside

were KERSPLATS!!! throughout the day.

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