Forgotten Shores

Love Poems

I dimly remember forgotten days

carefree to love in many ways

running on the beach with you

under bright skies of blue.

Those days are long gone

and life has moved on

leaving me no salty dreams

just tears flowing in streams.

I want to remember that day

sitting with you by the bay

as the sun sank low in the sky

and the ocean met the shore with a sigh.

Could we again be in our hidden cove

enjoying the magic that two hearts wove?

Slipping down softly to the sand

joining our lips as we land...

Hidden from the world's view

I made sweet love to you.

I felt the strength of your hand,

Seeking with a subtle demand.

Now all I have are empty visions

I curse all these indecions

that want to lead me back although

I know it is a place I cannot go

Could you capture the smell for me?

Could you trap the sounds, all I see

in a seashell and hold the fissure

to my ear as I sighed with pleasure?

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Afzal Shauq's picture

let me say again and again the same words from the core of my heart the logics expressed in this poem with a good idea.. I went through few of your poems and loved them are good poetess and hope you never stop writing and add more poems.. this poem is good and love it..hope you like my poems too.. and let me know if they also touch your heart.. I am basically a peace wisher poet with 6 books published... I am a peace dreamer, love-based peace promoter... hope you be with me... let me share here one of my own famous say with you... ( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with..afzal shauq

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