Sending them to school

Hey Daughter, I hear it's your first day of school

So let me lay down a couple of major rules

See this pink bow?  Put it in your hair

Trust me, no matter the grade you are in, everyone cares

See, it's important so you look pretty and straight

Those lesbian whores can't get through school gates

Let me tell you dearie, there comes no greater joy

Then playing love games with all the little boys

Oh, the bus is coming, I can see it down the street

So this last tip is a very special treat

Make sure to get in with the hot crowd

and talk about the losers really loud

Jest their weight and appearence to make them cry

Hey, it's not your fault if the freaks now want to die

Ok, my litle girl, I hope you have fun

And make sure you get all your schoolwork done!


Oi, son, get your little ass over here

I have some facts to give you for your first school year

If you see a ball, kick it without a thought

All normal boys love sports, as you have been taught

And them girlies, I know that they will be hot

Make your stomach tie up in a knot

Pull their hair, push them down in the mud

They won't hate you, a relationship will surely bud

Constantly show off your muscles, don't be a fag

Acting shy gets you stuffed in a trash bag

Always delight in guns, guts and gore

Be ready to serve your country in pointless wars

Make fun of others who are different from you

Uniqueness is just a fancy word for dog doo

Ok, here's the bus, have a good day son

Keep my tips in mind and you will be #1

Author's Notes/Comments: 

See, I CAN write poems that aren't all dark and bad :P

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lesbians_unite's picture

gay little girls its

gay little girls its okay,

its not your fault people have a problem that you're gay (:


 Sorry as a lesbian I had to write that I loved the poem... the gay part was a little hard to read but other then that it was fantastic (:

Joarge89's picture

Very clever piece... Enjoyed

Very clever piece... Enjoyed it thoroughly.  Not much for rhyming in poems sometimes, but this is perfect.  And the sarcasm is hilarious... :)

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned" - Paul Valery

bittersweetpoison's picture

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

~Love, Poisonous

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Mentoring Humorously

There is sooooooo much class here. Not dark or bad, glad you came over from the dark side.  ~Lady A~



bittersweetpoison's picture

Thank you :)  I don't think I

Thank you :)  I don't think I am done with dark just yet, but it pleases me to know I can produce things such as this too :)

And love the pun!

~Love, Poisonous