When the Well Runs Dry


When the well runs dry

When the well runs dry

Some people'll cry

Others vie for crooked lanes

Unable to cope with hunger pains

To be virtuous takes courage

Me? I follow Karmas entourage



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a comment by allets

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karma will always lead the

karma will always lead the way

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Enjoy Easter Saturday

Thanks Worthy Wordman



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When the well runs dry:


In hot dry countries it must be a constant search for fresh water supply sources. Water is needed for everything. I back programmes in Africa, finding water supplies for their population, bishu. This was my first thought on reading your poem bishu. I hope they find another water well soon. Thoughtful poem and concern I liked your poem very much.




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Thanks Respected Anita



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I Love Science Fiction

It's speculative and needs no proofs - innuendo is key and a lot of cheek tongued wit and cynicism. I call this purging: the mind gets cluttered with whoopla and connundrums and needs flushing occasionally. Thanks for the mention. I am honored. :D



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I too am a SciFi fan

Love em... Specially A.I.