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6-15 am Sleep over .... Random lopsided thoughts flooded my synapses. Was recently reading somewhere the purpose of life " Work,earn,pay bills & die" Is this all ? A smile with a Good Morning to all those readers who may care to read this. A mild clouded breezy morning even at 11-30 am. Cool enough for my scalding city in April. 90% of my neigbours are away from home to earn their bread braving the traffic snarls & preposterous drivers. Now I sit at my budget desktop trying to scoop out some meaningless words off the qwerty. I fully understand that it will turn out to be a joke specially with esteemed poets who mayn't care to read. I've been told that this site shall reamin free of cost hence what's the harm in mixing a few senseless words. To read or not to read is the readers option.

A couple of pariah crows come every morning begging for biscuits. I can almost swear that they smile as the fly away. During lunch they come for leftovers of fish.Somehow I have a feeling that crows too have feelings. So many (hundreds) of members on this site are inactive for long periods. To them I say " Time will run away and never return " Off late winged angels do not come in my dreams.I see white clothed nurses instead. Two nights back I was dreaming that I was on the top of a high tower with a very broad parapet without any railings.The parapet was slanting so that if I wasn't careful I'd slide off. A horde of people were on the ground with their binoculars/ No ! they weren't there to see me. They were there to see birds swoop onto the parapet.(God knows why I was there !) So that's the link between the crows & my dream.

I had a videotalk with Dr Lolly I told him about my dream. "What did you have for dinner?" he asked "Well. the usual two chapattis, some veggies & a piece of fish" He messaged me the name of a pill which I took last night & I dreamt of a pretty white-winged angel who gave me a joyride through the starlit night sky. I felt fine (Today Dr Lolly revealed that the pill was a mild sleeping pill) 

Tonight I must go to bed with auto-suggestion that I must dream of Angel-of-my-dreams and fly high high up in the sky holding her hands & maybe come down to some nice place in Fairyland where all is well & happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blabber blabber meaningless idiotic blabber. The snake & the mosquito seldom meet. Ask me why ? Coz the snake has no feet Laughing

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Nice prose a good and

Nice prose a good and enjoyable read bishu.

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Thank you

Thank you Respected Anita for reading



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A Long Write. I'm Shocked!

I'm watching 599 posts turn into 600. Congrats in advance. Now, this write is spot on. I love it when you name the keyboard qwerty. Dreams are a trip! Eating late has a lot to do with it. Sleeping pill mild version - right on! Good luck on your own. Nice colorful brain, bishu ~ :D



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600th one should be worthy of postpoems

Must do some homework, tear up a few pages which I almost never do. Just banging on PC or fingering my phone won't do for 600th....