The True Meaning Of Poetry [Written by Zibusiso Ngcobo]

The True Meaning Of Poetry                                                                                  Written by Zibusiso Ngcobo

They say the truth shall set you free.

Well shall we see?

Poetry is no more just a section in a subject

But it is now a language.

A language to help children like me,

Who see no means to live.


A great man once said

Poetry gives you a glimpse of heaven

Well do you believe?


Who transformed poetry into drama.

Why? You may ask.


Well you may not see it as you read

But when you read with imagination,

Then you shall see.

All his stories have poetic devices in them

Why? You may ask.

What was he trying to reveal

Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet

What do these stories have in common?

Love, hate and deception

These are emotions

Poetry is now a way

To express ones feelings in a dramatic way

This was Shakes Spear’s intended way

A message to show you a way

So follow me,

As I drown myself,

In poetry

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sweetwater's picture

I have read both your poems.

I have read both your poems. You have such insight into what poetry is all about, I liked your questioning of emotion in your first poem, and the 'drowning in poetry' in your second work. When I read a good poem I can see more in the writing, than if it were a painting instead. We have some excellent poets on here. cevance is one of my favourites, he paints such wonderful pictures with his pen.  

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Does anyone know cpr? Rise,

Does anyone know cpr? Rise, be resussitated from the fear of death by water - intersting meanderings about being inside poetry - a nice idea that - allets