Justice isn't only not blind, she's a greedy bitch

30 years in a Hole

In my youth, I envied those

who had the faith to embrace

the leaders and their orders

with confidence in the

ideal and necessity of justice,

of the cause we serve,

the ends we achieved,

the certitude of our calling.

I tried to find that faith.

I fought for it,

shed my blood for it

and carried the secrets

and the scars for it;

but the more I've seen,

the longer I served,

the more convinced

I've become that fate

is a blind roll of the dice

and that with justice,

it's how many throws

you can buy.

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I have often thought about

I have often thought about this...and always come to the junction where for myself, I see "law" a true oxymoron. Reason being, we make laws and in doing so attempt to "fabricate a truth" based upon a specified perception that is something that  may or may not be the same for everyone....and yet, we need law to keep any vague assemblance of "order". But try to get people to face THAT truth? Good luck. People are too caught up in their own versions of 'right and wrong' to even fathom such a concept!


Inspiring write. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Keep the candle burning ;-)

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ever noticed how if you seperate justice into two smaller words you get just ice.... she's not blind, simply a cold crass bitch...

Much Love


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Indeed she is... I can't wait

Indeed she is... I can't wait to retire and spend my timon fishing ;-)

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Damn Beav!

Political knives slice down to the heart of the matter. Leave the fish alone, be a full time writer - everything has a price tag seems. That is not true, it just seems true. The Price of Justice sounds like the title of a book or movie. Hmmmm.... ~Lady A~



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Thanks most deeply Lady A!!! Your words are always an inspiration to me, and more valuable than any earthly reward, for they are freely given! ;-) I had the West Memphis Three in mind when I penned this, but they are just a glaring example of how corrupt our system has become and how blind the masses are to the abuses the government (local, state, or federal) carries out in their name. Much good is done, but the evil is heavier, so does it really balance out? Love always Lady A!!! You help my pen move! ;-)

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be a full time writer indeed! I AGREE!

Much Love


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In a couple of years, I hope to be a full time goat herder (front yard & back yard!) & part time poet & fisherman! ;-)

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OH BEAVIS I DO ADORE YOU! I wanna move to Ireland and do that very thing! by the ocean...mmmm ocean!

Much Love


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Anywhere Dear! I just want it cut free from this tangle of humanity as much as I can and recover myself ;-)

running_with_rabbits's picture

:) if you want to recover

:) if you want to recover yourself humanity is where you must emerse yourself! Change your perspective love I think you may be focusing on the wrong spots ;)

Much Love