And if I said, “I love you”

And if I said

“I love you”,

would the earth change?

Would doves cry?

Would the flow 

of time

reverse itself?

Would anything 

outside you change?

If I said

“I love you”,

it would merely 

be the shifting

of molecules 

in the air,

and the shifting

of your heart. 

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I applaud the balance, as the

I applaud the balance, as the poem moves toward its conclusion, between the mere shift of the molocules, and the much more momentous shift of heart of the person whom the poem addresses.

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.



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Deeply contemplative expression

Inside oneself is a whole world. Inside another, it's own. The earth a galaxy of emotions, a space we share.

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Thank you! Spoken as a true poet! 

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As "the shifting of molecules" I think a case could be made for that, Beavis.

Love said - billions of moleculeds at least!

Lady A



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Thanks Lady A! At some point a bunch becomes infinity!