Past, Placenta, and Future

when i was just an irresponsible fetus

kicking away in mothers womb,
I heard words spoken and
didn't know what to make of them.
sounds of noise and vibrations
soft as a feather falling into 
a freshly-snowfallen meadow.
 a silence that reverberates 
the heartbeat that courses in a whoosh
the blood of life in the veins webbing through
the tissue-paper -thin pinkness of my skin. 
the formation of the first thought?
A meaningless synapse of neurons?
am I alive?
What is the meaning of all this madness?
Fluidly viscous ethereal colloid bubble
My amniocent-thesis ?
 As i laugh and kick away
in the drunken bliss of innocence.
  - And here she thought she had gas.
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running_with_rabbits's picture


the title pulled me in, I was like "Beavis would say how rabbits of you"

the poem followed suit :)

I love the way you arranged words in this one, just so impacting, brought me into the space of "what is it like to be a fetus again?"



Much Love


Beatnik1979's picture

Honored that you

read it, and always appreciate your valuable feedback.

Is certainly not any every day thought...just to go back  to that place we all came from.

 And we tend to forget...all the vast differences in people..race, religion....political affiliation....We all have this as the common denominator... every last human being on the planet.  

running_with_rabbits's picture

:) that is such a beautiful


that is such a beautiful thing to point out! makes one wonder why we seem to feel we cannot over come differences...

Much Love


schmuckjones's picture

That last line....

Friggin awesome, great description on the womb.  That last line had me in stitches.  Great title, Dig it.  Really great.  :)   

Beatnik1979's picture

thanks man

Im glad you did! Im a big fan of your poems, so reading this makes my day. 

AngryLaughter's picture

It's true.

We never really think about what life is like inside another person. Reached out to a parent lately?

Beatnik1979's picture

You gotta put it into

You gotta put it into perspective.

We were all born