Do you know that feeling


Do you know that feeling
when your lost inside of being lost.
When the black veil bares down
blinding your view on life
a empty black void in its place

When your soul is chained naked
to a cold hard brick wall.
with life joyfully breathing
its icy... cold... breath
chilling you to your very core

When the loneliness you feel
can not be quenched
by the love of someone u know
and their words don't make it through
the veil cloaked around you

Time slips through your fingers
like sand fleeing from your grasp.
Your mind darker and more frightful
than a midnight woodland
where the moon and stars are gone
and razor clawed demons do dwell

When it feels like two mighty dragons
are battling to the death
inside your very chest
and your left to belly crawl over
the blackened grass of despair.

Do you know that feeling?

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This Is The Mood

of the entire series of The Lord of the Rings movies - desparation and heartache, despair and impossible odds, yet, as characters were wont to say, "there is hope."- allets -