The Death of Life



                      The Death of Life

Death is the name that fills us with fright,

No wonder it comes for us in the darkness of night.

We trudge through the day hoping to survive,

And becoming surprised when we come out alive.

We have the days that make us glad,

But we are overwhelmed with days that make us sad.

We learn to cope and hope for the best,

Guessing that this is just a big test.

Though we try to stop it with all our might,

We cannot stop, The Death of Life.

The only thing that could be worst than dying,

Is probably living on and trying.

I'm sorry if this poem is getting you down,

I didn't want to turn your smile upside down.

Look around you and listen with your ears,

I'm telling you the truth that's all you need to hear.

Maybe you're lucky and you always seem happy,

Or you are the ones who's life is really crappy.

I like laughter it's fun to hear,

But I can't seem to find any that is near.

I fight depression every single day,

It always likes to get in my way.

I'd love to be happy all day long,

Messing around and listening to a song.

I'm having trouble finding the happiness in life,

It's hard when it's filled with such strife.

Maybe you could find it and share it with other people,

Get on a church and yell it from the steeple.

Don't let life give you a tear,

Go find the happiness in life, it's somewhere out there.



           Austin Rathbun 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please give me your feedback on this poem, I am writing another book called Vice at the moment but I will keep posting poems for your enjoyment in time. Thanks

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Depressed Enough Already

I write light verse, no rhymes usually, love haiku - pass on future downers, I'm down enough already - looking for balloons and snowflakes - brief lives that are beautiful ~Lady A~