A Foreign Feeling

Unaware to you this witty talk is product of unspoken thoughts that linger
slow and stew each day, expressing and undressing till the love lay bare and thin.

One soul still lies upon the beach, a victim to the tides.

Your guided thoughts reside with me restricting to a chosen course that closes with I hope to be fulfillment of desire.

From this I learn to never tire, to never leave, to never try and douse the burn inside like I once feared of loving fire.

In spite of all my withheld flaws you shine and bear the light upon the aspects that I fight and expose what I thought true.

You've shattered and rejected any hatred upon you and with this strength and glory glow I wish my yearning I could show.

This fear I feel and swallow may protect what I have built.

Is this happiness I feel? Or long awaited guilt, a new fluster I must muster else the flowers will but wilt.

A cautious step I take without disturbing you too late.

I fear the signals burning thin, the moment's lapsed and lost?
Things move slow when I’m in play but I hope that has no cost?

Without your subtle guidance.

I feel my heart is lost upon a vast and endless sea upon a mast to which I see a glimpse of shelter beckons me.
My mind seems but just occupied with thoughts of my demise.

If arrows to the heart cause pain then death bestowed to me shall be with finished crafted lies.

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