What do I say,

What do I do?

I'm so caught...

Between all the dreams I had as a little girl,

Of my big day,

When my sweet knight would wisk me away,

Off on a big white horse...

Down the beach to our wedding.

Hey, this was my dream,

It didn't have to make sense to anyone but me,

Castles are drafty and cold!

But then I fell in love with you,

And nothing about my dreams fit you.

From the lavish scrolls of white linen,

To the onslought of well wishers,

How odd it would be for the whole of my family to sit ogling

At all the emptiness on your side of the church.

Your family is so far away,

And you never wanted a large wedding,

Complete with an outdoor reception--

With ice sculptures and doves.

Years ago, I thought an open bar would be the only thing...


But now you talk about wanting old dolls as a theme,

The old hand sewn raggedy kind,

And I like reminiscing that nostalgic sentiment,

We both have been hewn out of old world values...

Two dinosaurs in a Bee-Bop, Hip-Hop extravaganza.

And what is more strange,

Every doll I got as a child,

I tore up.

I was ready for some tackle football,

But the world wasn't ready for girls in the NFL.

I think on,

At the times when I relish you most.

Especially when I see you sleep,

Within the state of your angelic cherubness,

It is easy to see how much you love me,

As I remember all you've done for me that day,

And all the jokes we've made,

That is when I steal a moment to smell your hair,

And loose myself in the thoughts of your salty kisses

Engrossing myself in your cocoa-butter and shea cream lotion.

However it's all short lived,

And you zoom, zoom, zoom, into a deep drool.

Then I giggle at the thought--

MY knight who drools and rusts her face plate shut!

As a child,

I never saw my knight, cooking the wonderful meals you do.

I never saw my knight, allowing me to share her grandchildren.

I never saw my knight, provocative and alluring, with curves.

I never saw my knight,


I never saw my knight, witty, wise beyond books or years.

Whose visceral level instintcs could out maneuver most militaries.

I never thought I'd have a knight taking my hand,

Ever ready to take vows in a dress,

With flowers in her hair,

And radiate a warm loving smile from her heart.

I hope you don't mind,

If I'd rather not change the oil in the car.

I plead with you to overlook my screaming at the television,

Whenever my team makes a touchdown.

And I always pray,

You don't get too hip on calling me "Sanford",

Because I still want to get all my good junk together,

And make a masterpiece of art,

And not have castles of pipe dreams,

That float like clouds in the sky.


You don't just let me talk,

But listen.

And find me to be a better version,

Than the dreams you once hoped for.

I know I much more prefer,

This knight,

Who in some cases not only wears the pants in the family,

But who can strut the catwalk in a dress...

Which of course,

Turns everybody's heads.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Evelyn, my love, of course I'll marry you.  You've always known this, and you know I drag my feet to and through everything.

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spf's picture

I like this, it's honest, affectionate and generally nicely written. Good job :) xxx