I have heard every excuse,

Every hurtful remark,

Cried tears until they cannot flow.

I closed up,

Built a wall,

Where no one could come or go.

A dragon fly am I.

I have no markings,

To protect me, just my wits.

Knowledge of survival and cunning.

If it were not so,

I’d be swallowed whole,

By a fish,

While I walked on the water.

I am in command,

Of whether I live or die,

I move too fast, or too slow,

I keep no roots, but keep moving like a rolling stone.

I have heard…..

      “toxic waste”,

      “garbage dump”,

      “battery acid”, not to mention, “fish queen”.


But I am so alive,

Recovered from a rusty gun,

At the hands of a juvenile pranksters “fun”.

Raped, and left like a sperm bank…

”Thank-you for making your deposit.”

I wasn’t interested in “THERE” anymore.

How do I grieve without tears?

And I refused to be a victim again,

Be it by MEN, or WOMEN.

My life is in music,

Even though I can’t play a single note.

A song that plays on the radio,

The sweet voice of Debra Cox.

I dream of a beautiful woman,

Like a ghost, walking in a garden of flowers,

Dreaming in color of my own personal video.

I am immersed in the lyrics of  the song,

"Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here"...

Yet,before I knew it,

The ghost became real,

Kissed me with soft, tender, wet lips,

She touched me…..


Originally wrote:  March 18, 2003

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Again, exquisitely done!