L =  Lost is the pleasure…

     The need, the link between body and brain,severed.

I =  Intrusive, unyielding,

     It takes as much as it wants away from you.

B =  Breathless moments of tender kisses, longing caresses.

     Blown away from finger tips, never returning home.

I =  Illusive…everything is there, it’s supposed to work…


     Inward incisions…destroyed self-esteem.  

     Isolated…and feelings of failure.

D =  Debilitating and no self-worth…helpless to move.

     Watching relationships go, one after the other.

O =  Once, I’d like to know what an “urge” is like...

     That nuance of “arousal”.


If you find this,

Out on the roam,

Please tell it I want it back!

Please , send  it home.

Originally wrote:  Jan. 13th, 2004

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Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

You really hit the nail on the head with this one. Damned the side effects.