Let me shout it from the highest peak~~


I'm angry with you!

Her lines are like golden verse,

Of feeling, of emotion, of raw nerve,

You couldn't listen to, you couldn't handle, too punk-ass to hear.

Her moves are sweet,

Subtle as the changing seasons,

Tumultuous like ocean surf,

Wild like a raging fire blistering through trees,

Of soft skin, warm breath, tender lips,

You defiled her like car grease on a diamond,

Stroking her on the outside, fucking yourself on the inside,

You didn't take time to rub her the right way,

To polish, spit and shine.

Your Irish charm toook her by surprise,

But you didn't know that she was a spider.

You had her, yet, emotionally victimized her,

And now you wish you had HER BACK.

You threw her out like a used kleenex,

What you didn't know, is you got caught in her snare..

She found the boy inside the man's clothes,

And found bullshit like blarney spewing from your mouth,

Promises you tried to make, tried to keep,

Because you felt the obligation to have HER....

Like some fucking icon of your success!


And what's more, we'll both watch you dangle in her web, and Enjoy sucking the life out of you.

Did you leave to much of yourself behind.

What's more, you know you'll never have it that good again.

Feeling the flames, fanning the need to be somebody...

You know you'll never have her.

Oooh, the agony,

The pressure...are the social barriers coming down?

Are your friends leaving?

Isn't it a bitch when your own home boys can see right

Through YOU.

Let me tell you,


Her snake like charms have hypmotized me into a life-time of love and commitment.

Her leather, her larger than life six-digit job, her SKILZ,

You know the ones you wouldn't let her do anymore....

She does them whenever, where-ever her free spirit so chooses.

That seed you so recklessly abandoned inside her,

That seed you left as you tore into her flesh to make your deposit...yeah, that seed.

THAT seed you denied,

Is MY child now, with a name you will never know.

The heartbeat in that name, is LOVE.

I'm angry with you,

There's not enough of any cure to save your soul..

You medic,

You ethicless prick.

You stole HER medical information off of the computer...

Is this just cabbage for you to?

You have no innocense,

And no common sense, to own up to you flawed character...

She can take the worst part of you and turn it into something


Remember that seed?

While you will on the other hand,

Will always be somebody's bitch.

No, you didn't take time to KNOW her,

To you she was just eye-candy,

A fuck when no one else would have you.

Your arrogance precedes you, like your father before,

Your walking the same life, just slower,

Yet, there's always death at a

the end of a lonely hostile road.

But I do want you to know,

When she cried in the night, and you didn't hold her...

I do now.

When she cried at the sonogram of your son,

And you made an excuse not to be there...

I am there for her now, and no more children in our family,

Will live in a single parent home.

When you toast in the New Year,

You will always the alcoholic.

So go ahead, come after us,

If you can stumble that far.

Because the terror will be on you...

I won't let you touch her...

Not anymore...


YOU who didn't KNOW her, WANT her, nor could LOVE her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My ex, Lynn, claimed she was pregnant with the following man's child.  And yet, he wouldn't speak with Lynn.  I do know that the man is real, but her child Drew is not, and later, her pregnancy also proved false.  This poem was in regards to him, and how much I thought he had wronged Lynn.  The lesson I have learned now, never be too accepting of only one side of a story, no matter how the scenario looks.  To this man, I am sorry, but I will keep this poem because it is a good write. I'm sorry Trent.  

Trent, I had no idea that my love, our love was sick, who lied and said it was your child when there wasn't one.  You knew her well enough to get away...I didn't...ironically, I guess you did know her.  However, I hope you don't mind my leaving this poem--emotions can make some pretty good motivation.  I felt this was wrote well, and am hoping you will not ask me to delete it.

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today is the first time I read it all the way through. It's powerful.