You asked me how you tasted,

I choke to reply, I DO NOT confine these things in finite terms...

When being with you,

opens the heavens,

springs joy like fountains in my soul,

mists stardust in my spirit,

flows through my veins like slow lava seeping through hollow caverns...feeling like warm honey on the inside of my head, as it takes its gooey time, sliding down the insides of my body and into my feet.

You are an anestetic, that opens my mind to dreams one can only find in purposeful hybernation, or in lackadasial morphine highs.

What do you taste like?

What do you taste like!

The only experience I know is that I am one valve in one heart, thrusting blood foreward...and you are the other valve of the same heart.  

I cannot work without you...

I cannot love without you...

I cannot live without you...

I am nothing...unless you are close enough to "taste" me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am nothing without you Lynn, because you are the fount of my life.  Sacred...forever...we are one.  Love, Stacy.

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What a beautiful piece of writing... This shows a heart full of love and with so much love to give to the right person...
Thank you for sharing your heart with us..
Peace and Love..