Fine With Me

i really liked you before

but i never said a word

i kept it a secret

a cry still unheard

now we hardly talk

but that is fine with me

if that is what you wish

then thats how it shall be

i know you never liked me

and you never felt the same

but that is fine with me

i know your not to blame

but i hope we can be friends

untill the day we die

if not its fine with me

i promise i wont cry

i'll never shed a tear

and it wont really hurt me

if you never even want to talk

like i said, thats fine with me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i guess, no comment! i wrote it so i wanted it posted! D/T: trista

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Asheron's picture

Well this one is rather to the point don't you think? I like it. Just lets others know if they don't like you you really don't care. But is that realy true?

Asheron Fireshadow

Asheron's picture

Kitty, hopefully we never end up like this. I love you so much.

Asheron Fireshadow

Trista Calderara's picture

hello! well we already talked about this, so whats to say......PURPLE LLAMAS! lol neway miss u and hope to see u when possible!