Excerpt From A Love Spell

Come to me, my love.


Love me sweet, love me pure,

Love me true, keep me sure.

Make me laugh, make me think,

Make me smile, love my stink.

Love my body, and as you do, 

Make me scream, shriek, and think only of you.

Make me drool at your sight

And smile at your name.

Make me happy every night

And no two kisses feel the same.

Love me truly as I am.

Help me be all I can. 

Be creative, be my god.

Be magical and a bit odd.

Above all, be absolutely true, 

Real, honest, and let me draw you!

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Excerpt from a love spell:



Love the spell you have cast in this poem, hope it works for you. Enchanting poem, good rhyming and a good read.




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aww thanks :) just trying to

aww thanks :) just trying to balance my darker and depressing poems with a few light ones :)