Mourning You

Left mourning
Left here bleeding.
Broken heart, open wounds.
I’ve tried and tried
With all my might
To get your image out of my mind.

Your words slowly devour me
Piece by piece
Vein by vein
Swallowed in this nightmare.

I agree with you on one thing though
I deserve all the blame
Half the truth is still a lie,
So how could I believe you?

I can’t buy your love
But I still pay a heavy price for it.

My fingers reach out to you
It’s the last thing I think of
To keep you here
But it’s too late and you’re gone
Leaving behind traces of a memory
And this monster I’m tuning into.

I can try to close my eyes to not see
But I can’t close my heart to not feel.

Who is he in the mirror?
With the crimson eyes
The guy looks familiar
But whom I sadly, can’t recognize.

Where have you taken my old self?
Where have you hidden my soul?
Where did you bury the map?
The one with the X marking the spot…

I hear your voice sometimes
But when I turn to see
There is no one there next to me
It’s just my heart
Telling me that you had to leave eventually.

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