No Pulse

1st poems

Rip my heart out already!
I can't bear the pain anymore.
I thought I was strong enough
I thought this misery I could handle
Yet, today I find myself completely wrong
I can’t endure a single hit of your indifference.

Kill me now!
Life without you is incomplete
Don’t hesitate
This is what I need, this is what I want
You two are soul mates
Meant for each other
And I’m just a piece of shit
Following you around.

You broke my world and my soul
You luxuriate in their flavor
At once ate the pieces
Yet they yearn for your company
Why does my love for you keep increasing?
I’m a masochist.

Are you delighted to watch me suffer?
Do you enjoy my screeches of grief?
Do you find pleasant the sight of my endless tears?
Thank you for your neglect,
Thank you for your dismissal.
My world swiftly collapses
My sanity level relapses.
I’ve lost my reason
And in exchange I’ve gained madness.
Where is my “Get Out of Hell” ticket?
You must have torn it apart,
And with it the pulse in my heart.

Stranded on the island of torture
Feeding on pieces of shattered glass
Drinking from the fountain of torment,
My life is living hell.

Compared to you I am worthless
I have as much dignity and gracefulness of a crawling rat
I’m just that pitiful wounded dog
That you keep kicking and can’t stop.

It’s been a long while
Since I’ve carried a smile
You robbed me it
And gave me grief
You lowlife thief
I was cursed to rot and burn in hell’s deepest pit.
That’s where you told me to go
But I’ll meet you there
‘Cause you’re mundane and wicked
Just so you know.
I keep having nightmares at night
When the sun goes down
And everything gets dark
I wake up in sobs
Turn to fetal position
And cry myself back to sleep
This hole you dug up, for me, is just too deep.
I can’t see anything down here
There’s no light
Or hope
Or life.
It’s just me
And my demons
Haunting my very being.

I’ve lost my will to live
I’m slowly letting go of life
Without you by my side
Is just impossible to survive.

My heart stopped beating
It stopped living
Then how can I still touch and walk?
How can I still breath and talk…?

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