Jesus Lover Of My Soul

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Jesus lover of my soul
Keep me safe from all harm
Wrap me in your arms
Take me home, to a place of higher standing
Show me the throne where you sit
Teach me oh Lord today
Jesus lover of my soul
Show me the way to make it through
To walk the streets of Gold
To fly like a dove and be good to all.
Let me sing with the Angels on High
To be like the Angels while Im here on Earth
To listen and obey
There's no other way
To turn my cheek the other way
To love and trust
To give to others and make a different
Help me to walk every step with you
Dont let me lose my faith
No matter what happens along the way
Keep me strong and going on
Help me Lord not to falter or fail
Forgive me for my sins
I want to live for you
No one else
Help me be the person you need me to be.
Jesus lover of my soul
If I have more let me give it away
Help me to help someone today
I want to be your Angel On Earth
When I am weak make me strong
If I lose patience get me back on track
When I feel sorry for myself
Show me someone else, who is worse off then me
Im like a child, I still have a lot to learn
Im trying but it's so hard
But how can I lose with you holding my hand
Your standing there beside me
Jesus lover of my soul
You made me the way you wanted me
I will live with you for eternity
With all your Silver and Gold
I am your Precious Soul
Jesus lover of my soul
When I shed my tears, wipe them all away
Take the pain oh Lord I pray, Take it today
Im ready to do your will, Forgive me and show me the way.
Jesus Lover Of My Soul.

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