Theres A Place I Want To Be

There's a place I want to be
Up on high where Angels fly
Where God sits and watches us
To keep us safe and from all harm.

He teaches us each day
If only we will learn
He does not ask much of us
We are the ones, always asking.

When things are going good
Do you bow your head and pray?
Do you thank him for what he's done for you
Or do you just walk away.

Yet let something bad happen
We are on our knees begging for help
Trying to take control
There's a place I want to be.

It's high in the sky where the sun shines
It gives us light as the moon comes out at night
We can watch the stars twinkle
Count them one by one.

Recall all the things you see
That God makes every day
He works hard to keep us going
We dont even want to pray.

Unless we want something
He is good and kind to everyone
What do we do. Gossip, put others down, lie, cheat , and steal
That is not the way, Trouble will only come.

If you ask, you will receive
If you seek, You will find
Believe in God and trust him. See what you can do.
There's a place I want to be.

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