I Have A Prayer For You

I have a prayer for you oh Lord I pray
Heal me and make me free
Give thy Love and Mercy to me
Show me the way, Lord I pray
Don't let me falter or fail
Help me in sickness, to be strong
Give me your arms to lean on
When Im weary and tired
I have a prayer, for you
You gave me the one thing I prayed
for, For so long. It is still going strong.

But now on Lord, I have another prayer
You know what I need. You know I have
To have this prayer , answered. I wont
be able to carry on with my first prayer.
That you sent me. I promised you I would
Love and cherish. The one you sent me and
I do. With everything I have.
Now Im asking you, Oh Lord to grant this
Prayer. So I can once again, fulfill what I
have promised to you.

I know sometimes, Im weak
I say and do things I shouldn't
For that I repent
Help me oh Lord to do your will.

Part of the prayer has been answered, because I
now know what you want me to do. I have already
Done what I had to do. Just give me a chance to
Finish what I started.

You know how proud I am. On the love you
Sent to me to. I am doing everything I
promised. I love him. And I treasurs him.
I will cherish him for the rest of my life.
Then carry him to heaven with me. Where I will
wait for him to join you and I.

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