Every Poem I Start Ends Up About You

You were once the love I thought I'd marry.

You're still a beauty I think of fondly.

Will you come home and hang out with me?

Just for a day, for a drink, for a date?


Your perfect eyes and lips drive me crazy.

Your smile's making my sweet dreams hazy.

Your determination is the kind that I'd die for,

So come on home, for you, let me reapply for.


The honest to goodness truth is that

Nobody's good enough for you.

You've got a perfect amount of sugar

Spice and everything nice

But you throw it away.


The hopeless excruciating truth is that

The world revolves around you.

You've got it tied around your finger,

It could spin well

But you throw it away.

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Sour Grapes

Rejection letter number 3,568. ~S~



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