Temptation in Shivering Boughs

Earth Worship

The hedgerows are whispering with seductive voices

Temptation is sometimes too much

To slip away silently like a doe

Under the low canopy made of camouflage.


Can I shapeshift into a sylph or shadow

And follow the hedgerow like an anti-road

Until it carries me to the edge of the wilds

Like a river carries a leaf to the ocean?


I must sink into the forest deeps

Like a grain of sand to fill the abyss.

I must fade into shadows dappled to twilight

And sink below the primordial ferns.


The hedgerows are whispering too much

Their quiet is louder than cities droning.

I must plunge into the depths of abyss

To save myself from drowning.

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Nature does indeed speak to us. We should all take time to listen. Interesting read.

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nature is calming for

nature is calming for sure,some see it as a church

i hate to see it and it`s inhanibits mis used for pleasur or gain

ron parrish

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Thank you

and I agree :)

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my pleasure

my pleasure

ron parrish