A goal with no finish,
The word starts to diminish,
And we have to refinish,
But there’s no time to replenish.


A goal with one meaning,
Harder to reach than the ceiling,
People keep intervening,
And hate keeps stealing.


A goal for the people,
To point like a steeple,
But there is no more diesel,
We’re equally evil.


A goal that has worth,
For the people on earth,
Since we were in birth,
It’s a tale of dearth.


A goal that is needed,
Words that are seeded,
The people conceded,
But the children have pleaded.


A goal that gets harder,
The more that we try the more it goes farther,
It’s hard for the smarter,
And for us it’s even harder.



A goal that must end,
A message we must send,
A time that we must spend,
A place to attend.

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