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It is almost christmas time

I look up at the sky 

Wishing you where here 

With me but you are spending 



In heaven it is your first


I just sit and think 

about if you where still here

what we will do if you 

where still here we will

go look at the christmas lights

together and you will come 

over to my house for christmas dinner

 I know you are still here in spirit 

But I miss you everday and just

Wish god give us more time together

But it has to be it way I just do not 

understand why it has to be it way

But I know god have plans for me

I might not understand rigth now 

But I will understand when the time 

Is rigth but rigth now I just have to have 

Faith in ours saver lord 

so merry christmas and hope 

You have a wonderfull first


In heaven I love you so

much and I know we will be 

Together aging someday and

Thank you for watching over me 

© Amanda Kay Hill







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"Have A Wonderful First Christmas In Heaven"


I never thought of it that way

Christmas in Heaven

Jesus's birthday party

has to be a big event



Are you there? Did you get

past the mythic pearly gates,

wa St. Peter there to greet you

and tell you that JC's birthday

was the go to even of the year.


I never thought of you celebrating

Christmas in heaven. I spend

no time at all thinking of seeing

you there. (Do angels have eyes?)

But parties are a human way

to say a human was born

and if they have birthday parties

in heaven, do they also have

death day parties as well?


Stella L. Crews


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that is a beautiful poem