my love

Love is a feeling, I feel for you,

each and every breath I breathe.

Deep down in my soul,

I hope you never leave.

My love is pure and true,

something I must confess.

With you my heart beats rapidly,

deep beneath my chest.

My love is a sensation

something oh so very true.

your the beat of my heart,

no matter what i do.

Your eyes are liek dimonds

I love the way you laugh..

You have all of my heart,

not just half.

Your kisses are enough to last,

enough to live on 4-ever.

No matter what life brings,

you and I belong 2-gether.

Yoyr smiles bring me happiness,

enough to go through the day.

The words I love you,

means so much, some way.

Your like the ocean of my river,

its like a stream of love.

Flowing across ypur heart,

way, way up above...

Your the only thing that matters,

I really need you to know,

your the key to my heart,

you make me whole..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i really love this poem, it explain things

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