The Woman I Have To Be


I always wondered

how it would turn out

with a smile and a little

smirk at what might



The ages were like

decaded clocks, ticking

out the nowness

and the futureness.


Looking back is better than

looking ahead because you

collected time and put it in a

little satin blue pouch

with a drawstring.










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I LOVE this. Putting time in

I LOVE this. Putting time in a bag...

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

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A Save It For Later Image

Gonna need some time later when the clock slows down and the watch stops - one more minute please - oh, get the pouch! Thanks for the reading of me stuff. Rock on!




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Time talks and seldom

Time talks and seldom walks,
But never stops

Time often jeers, rarely cheers,
It's neither here nor there

Time isn't your friend, at first,
But could be in the end

Time doesn't take sides, it abides
Everyone's actions

Time can't lie, but will pass you by,
If you don't keep a watchful eye

Just messing around. This is an excellent write. Beavis said it best. Succulent, graceful write.

Long days and pleasant nights


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Thank You From The Heart

I am blown away timely by your magnificent response. Gotta post this to you and go read it again . . . and again. :D Stella




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You are after my heart, Lady A! I wish could have gotten this thought across so beautifully and succinctly! So much of what I write is looking backward, and so well you have captured what I have swiped at! ;-) 

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Thanks Beav!

For your wonderful comment and kinship. Succinct has been a long time goal, to keep it tight knit, be as truthy as possible, or whimsical as a fooly raise the brow or make the reader say, "Ahhhhh". I love writing and I love writers, veteran and new. It's a life's work for me. I appreciate mightily your suport and caring ~Stella Crews~




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Love this its so us. All of

Love this its so us. All of us. ;) kudos gallore! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Hey Hey

So glad it is us all. Thanks for the kudos SS. Just Bein' an aging Lady A




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Satin Blue Pouch holding the treasured times Great thought Lady

Satin Blue Pouch holding the treasured times Great thought Lady A ~

Skulls of dead times in jute sack

I'm towing on my weary back~ Laughing



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of the past are very useful things or were, they held the inside of the head upright and provided support for the brain and spinal chord. which explains why you are so upright and righteous today and will be tomorrow. Sans boasting, sans self promotion. I get it. It is one of the faces of god. - Your sack will fill with joyous times and love from the writing you share and read on Postpoems, worthy and miraculous Bishwanath. - Prayers for you and all you love - Lady A




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This is really a nice

This is really a nice concept. I like it very much... I wish I had thought of it..

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Time Obsessed

I like to write about time's passage and play with now and then - glad you liked the concept - feel free to go with it. Yr own version will come eventually anyway - it's an age thing - Lady A :D