Time On A Dare


I watch the second hand

then the moon to get them

synchronized. If an extra

second can be found

I want the fame.


Waiting wastes time best

used hunting rabbits

not to shoot or trap. 


Minutes are a whole different

entity. That requires a timer,

an abacus, a metronome,

and a sundial.







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    Time is so fleeting. As I



Time is so fleeting. As I get older it seems to go faster, until it petres out I suppose. Nice poem, just watching and counting time.




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Glad You Liked It

I love time poems - there is an infinte stack of possibilities - be well, ~Lady A~

Lady A


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Even the human eyes change with time Respected Madam

Even the human eyes & thought process  change with time Respected Madam I think.Caught me thinking !!!



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Dear Captured Thinking

Time is corrosive

it whitles a way

through wooden ideas

and rust is a near



Age lines are mother

to smile lines and crinkled

laughter. Time is male

and female and neutral.


Most humbly, time

runs the hour glass, then

crosses the road

counting steps to

the other side.l


Lady A





Lady A