O J Goes Down Easy

Vintage Words


With anything, vodka, whisky,

bourbon (fancy southern whisky)

JW Double Black, or with bathtub gin.

Neat is preferred by connoiseurs

of Mason's jars in the woods

near the manufactury.


Woodford Reserve will pickle

you and your neighbor's liver

in half the time of oh say

Svedka or Appleton's Rum.


Barcardi's 51 proof was the stuff of

twenty year old stomach dreams

straight from the vine to that

little round bottle lip. Will someone

please pass me the bottle

of Drambuie?


A martini is a waste of a

good glass and ice, just swill down

the vermouth, dash it with anything,

then eat two olives. This all began

with, and you know it did, a

connoiseur of the most exquisite

bottle of Basil Hayden's,

Boon's Farm, and Mogan David, 

also neat.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Okay, what elyxir did I miss? :) - slc

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Very interesting write Respected Mm Allets

Very interesting write Respected Mm Allets.What is OJ ? On the lighter side , I have "Honey Dew" - a poem for thirsty souls.Won't cost a penny.Thanx for so many leaker(liquor) names.Happiness V/s numbness.Off late teqila shots are in vogue.Fast & furious! S-m-i-l-e-s & guffaw Heart laugh Madam.The wite-up almost made me race to some nearby pub and put some in my tub.I am drunk now.Cheers...Sealed



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A Booze Moment

I'm sober now. Hangovers should not last three day! (smile). O.J. is orange juice. OJ Simpson (African American ex-football legend) was stripped of his wealth even thought he was not convicted of his wife's death. This write was fun, glad you enjoyed the likker (liquor) names Mssr Bishu. ~~allets~~

Lady A