Politics as Abnormal

Vintage Words


When the aspersions fly

the best thing to do is duck.

I never learned to get

out of the way fast enough.

I am trying though. 


I smile through it all and think

at least I did not back down

like a coward. Sometimes

I win. Most times I almost



No denials possible. Some things

are worth fighting for and my space

has always been mine. If I am

in it, believe that I will defend it

and keep out all the riff raff. It's just a

thing I always do like mostly

ducking when the fan is full of it.







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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Saved this for reading with

Saved this for reading with lunch, but wanted to comment upfront that I absolutely love the title!

allets's picture

Situationally Ackward


Hold your own! No one can do that for you. :D


Lady A


lyrycsyntyme's picture

They sure can't. :)   "Most

They sure can't. :)


"Most times I almost / win"


This sums up how I feel about so noble defense in the world. The pessimist/cynic/realist/who knows(?) in me thinks that's the best case scenerio, most times.

The thought - the nobility of the effort - that counts? Within one self, perhaps largely yes. I trust the will to stand forward will carry on.



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The Internet


Fact ir fallacy, no matter - if folks soeak their mind - you din't get to soeak at  or fir them. Speech as free (often irresponsible, but a signal to condition better). Ha! 

Lady A


mrpoofs's picture

You know so much. And you're

You know so much. And you're so talented at expressing it.

allets's picture

Hey, Fire Fingers

Beneath that raging heat and passion, there's a sweet heart. Thanks with humility: a respectful abeyance toward you ~~A~~

Lady A


rjnmhrjn's picture

Admire this...

Admire this...

allets's picture

Tnx 4 the Read

You are kind to say that. I am honored to have been read by rjnmhrjn - :D ~A~

Lady A


nightlight1220's picture

Totally hear you

Effing right on.

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


allets's picture

Thank You So Much

Your comment makes my day!


Lady A