Vintage Words


Spending time in the gym, running circles
around a room designed for the development
of the spirit to win. Joan of Arc, a case to study,
knew she was prophecy fulfilling. Mary talked
to angels. Sojourner worked at night with
hounds sniffing her heels. If it please you,
Bader sits among the mightiest as one of the
mightiest. The Queen of Scots died as she
lived, in courageous plaint.


Spending hours climbing rock walls, drilling
hoops on wooden court with perseverance brings
her to the challenge as a worthy opponent.
She wrestles, drives fast cars, knits a fine
scarf, and bakes the best muffins while defeating
bullies confronting her offspring and her self
worth. Husbands honor her, bachelors seek her.


Spending millions like pennies, women
too have become  the wealthiest of the wealthiest.
Astronauts, Senators, CEO's, she delivers
the mail on time, builds houses, runs wire like
an apprentice's Master. General or President,
potential is a thing yet to see the day when all

earth women walk equally with, at least,









Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spirts of such ilk should be emulated by more than an exceptional few. There's the universe, then there is the intuitiveness of a woman. :S



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Well done

I really enjoyed the quick slips of history of strong female protaginsts. Very well written.

"Where do you go when nowhere feels like home?"-FBMF

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Belatedly. ~S~

Lady A