Ladder Clinging

A New View


Up, the only road 

wide with sturdy rungs

up. Perplexed,

the shelves are out

of reach.


And so the fierce

activity halts. Pause

becomes full brakes;

the echoing of tires



Lean out unable

to see beyond a hard

grasp, stunned inside

an unexpected wait.

Fewer compatriot

climb pass.


Go higher another

year when Earth's

spin slows and gravity



Dollars will fall likely 

green droplets out of

bright with challenge

dense storms. For 

now, hold. Reconfigure

high cloud destinies.


Do not reach up for

items on the surrounding

shelves. Breathe calm

to concentrate only

on rung maintenance. 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Congrats Class Of 2020.


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