30 Days Hath September

Vintage Words


Lost among the days of the calendar

crying to be published with the rest

an entire day relegated to bad press

or fingers with imagination. The world

knows and is about to tell

the universe.


Congresses have been formed

to investigate the potential for adding

two more days to February. Three



Thirty First has a bad rep

for masquerading as a 3 and a 0

on Halloween. It takes the rap

but insists reality is in his pocket

and everyone should take

very close notice.









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PudinsHeart1's picture

Cool to know.

I trying to learn Wicca but any time I do have I use for something else. I'm learning for my girlfriend. I did learn some when I was younger but I had bad teachers. So I get a start over.


allets's picture

Wicca (Is Not Satanism)

Wicca - noun form; Wiccan - adjective form, - Lots of info on the net; the Wikipedia survey is pretty comprehensive. A paragraph a day to start - time well invested. Some Wiccans admire Jesus but not the rituals and dogma of Christianity - while drawing most of Wiccan historical development and practices from world-wide pagon (and neopagon) myths, religions, and covens.  800,000 wicca are believed practicing worldwide. -A-




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I know many people think Wicca is dark or evil. But to me nature is neutral not good nor bad. To me it's thanking our mother goddess for her love and wisdom.


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is important for sound mind and body. Prayer, any prayer that is benevolent, is necessary to remain sane and optimistic. Thanks you for your comment and check out the wikipedia article: a number of the primary source books are listed ~a~