"John Wick"


Your name spoken
with a quiver
by men who kill
all the time
learned that
you stole his car
and killed his dog
and made him
his wife dead
a week earlier
made him
shoot four times
in the gut
and once
between the
eyes. Bodies
like flies
in insect spray.
Keeanu (old
Neo himself)
looked good doin'
it too.

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Good Movie

& character study

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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"They got guns. We got guns..."

"But we don't kill the ones that we luuuu uv." -  I've seen J. Wick ten times. Like Princess Bride,  classic full of great lines and empty cartridges. - ;D - allets

940 reads, thank you all so much for the hits. Somebody really liked John Wick. :D slc

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