The sphere moves,

Once more,

Giving shape to time,

And events.



Forming life from thought,

It weeps. 

Its tears become rivers,

And its skin becomes grass.



Closing its eyes,

It turns.




It glances, 

And beholds,

Dying waters,

And lifeless grass.


I shall make another sin.


- Alejandro Bonfil

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coffeewithleonardcohen's picture

An ode to Lynn Margulis?

An ode to Lynn Margulis?

AlejandroBonfil's picture

I am afraid not. I don't know

I am afraid not. I don't know who that is haha

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Well, it's not my area of

Well, it's not my area of expertise so maybe I should suggest that you Google "Gaia Hypothesis".  I like this:  In her spare time after figuring out how eukaryotic cells evolved, Lynn Margulis was a major proponent of the idea that Earth self-regulates its atmosphere and stuff into a kind of homeostasis.  Basically, the reason we have the right amount of oxygen, methane, etc. around us is that bacteria are in a constant global negative feedback loop.  I don't know enough about this to have an opinion, but I thought you'd be amused to note that I read your poem thinking that's what you meant and it was great!