A Dream's Desire

Words unsaid are words unheard,

Yet feelings bottled within still feel,

Hearts unloved are hearts unbroken,

For it is impossible to break that which is already in pieces,

The object of my desire is no object at all,

But a woman, an intelligent, insatiable woman,

A hand I can touch but never hold,

A voice I can hear but never asked to listen to,

It seems all is lost, yet only found,

My heart’s discovery becomes society’s scapegoat,

And that which I do not have blinds my passion,

A hopeless romantic; hopeless indeed,

In a perfect world, in a perfect moment,

Only one of us would exist,

For two joined at the soul is but one entity,

Yet the breezes and butterfly kisses of dreams,

Soon fade in the absence of companionship.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about wanting to be with someone that you know you'll never be with. I was trying to figure out what it was that I liked so much about the particular person, but I wasn't able to figure it out.

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Sara Spissu's picture

radically romantic

Su's picture

I'm greatful i came across this poem now, because now more than ever is when i needed to see what it was that i felt in words that seem to heal. i can't figure out what it is about this person i love or why i want to be with this person either, but at least now i know whats been holding me down from trying for with others. beautifully written.

Jenna Dunst's picture

This is a really beautiful poem, one of those that everyone who reads it can relate to...keep it up and check out some of mine please! ;D
ps. I really need some help on one of 'em if your willing to help me...keep the writing up, love it...l8rz

Savannah Tangen's picture

Great poem. Well written and much enjoyed.

Jere''s picture

Your ability to trace the subtle nuances of this kind of situation is almost uncanny. When I went through those same feelings, almost a quarter of a century ago, this poem would have been mighty helpful back then. But I did not have your kind of talent, then, and would not have been able to write like that.

Anna Dufour's picture

This is really good. I've had an experience like that. I actually have a poem about it :) very nice

Erin Schultz's picture

Beautiful... I loved it.

Jess I 'ca''s picture

Just wanted to say "Good job!" on this peice

poetvg's picture

lovely work ;*).

Veronica Williams's picture

I'm feeling your words here..lovely

Inez Landry's picture

This is a Great poem. I know how it feels to love someone so much but cant have them with you. Thanx for commenting on my poems.