Winter Days in a Childhood


I looked out the window and quietly sighed, so no one could hear and ask me.
Then I sipped my hot chocolate, and found myself busy with daydreaming.
I watched as a cardinal chirp cheerfully by and perch on a nearby branch.
I looked out the window and quietly stared at the snow-laden ground.
And laughed quietly at the joke made in my head, I cracked a grin,
and took another sip from my cup of coffee, straight black; oddly
it did not at all taste like coffee, no it was more like... oh wait,
wasn't that silly of me, to forget that it was hot chocolate.
As it was a cold morning, some day, on a winter break,
I did nothing all day and set out to build snow forts
hanging out with my brother and my sister, and,
when no one was looking, throw snowballs.
It would all be finished with the glass of
hot chocolate I was now drinking -
and I thought it was nice.

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That's beautiful! Great write!


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haha, thanks! A little bit

haha, thanks! A little bit of fiction here and there...


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Lol, good!

Lol, good!