Sweet Memories Evade Me

My eyes were addicted to falling leaves and sunsets

Manufactured homes and suburban monoliths

My neighbourhood friends

Riding my bike

Being driven down highway roads at night

The scent of the hallways in my elementary school

Cracks in the sidewalk

And optometrist waiting rooms

Going somwhere new on excursion days

My aunt taking me to video game arcades

Finding four leaf clovers and hidden backyard flowers 

Jumping on trampolines and watching cartoons for hours


The faces of my youth

The friends that loved me

Gone from my life

Now a sweet memory

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life felt beautiful.

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It Merges With Now

and brings that brilliant wonderfulness back to counter balance the serious world we inherited. Not childlike, no. Child wondrous with clearer vision. It was great to be cared for with few responsibilities other than to play and enjoy life 24/6 - Sunday was church all day :D



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Thank you

That was the message I wanted to get across. Being a child made every experience so memorable and impactful. Moments lasted longer and everything was so vivid.


Unfortuntely I had to leave most of the things I grew up with midway through my childhood so I tend to feel a bit nostalgic now and then. I like to remember the people and places I left.

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Wonderful memory, thanks for

Wonderful memory, thanks for it!

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It just wanted to articulate

It just wanted to articulate my feelings, thank you for enjoying what I wrote.