Message to an Ex

your love so sweet

always swept me off my feet

your love so fine

always kept me on cloud nine

fate was what we once called it

even though it only lasted a bit

the lies i thought i heard tore me away

locked me in a tomb with no escape

our lives went on without each other

but one day we both will love another

alone and separate we continued on our journey

two separate paths as different as can be

i worked 2 jobs just to survive

you smoked some stuff just to get high

drank a bit and partied all night

even though you still felt empty inside

i made the mistake of choosing a boy

who only saw me as a play toy

and then decided when i wanted it to end

that was going to try to fuck my best friend

mistakes we have made but the lessons we learned

cannot make up for how much i yearn

to be a friend and know how you're doing

and help keep you in a sense of well being

so take my offer and think about it

and if it's nice then reply to this

but if not then move on with your life

and know that i will love you for life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i sent this to an ex of mine after we broke up for a while cuz i wanted to be his friend

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Nick Mylan's picture

Awww, good poem hun and I know how that feels. keep writin and posting, you know I love ya stuff. Much much luv <3.