Yellow flower


To create a prose?

I suppose I should.

It will be all about a rose.

I painted the rose yellow with a background of muted purple shade.

The yellow shade means peace.


Some petals tips have been bleached white by the sun.

The sun also reflects the sunlight and more of the petals appear whiter.

Yellow blossom, showed sparkling in the mid day sun.

How the flower bowed and swung in breezes that were lighter.


The lower part of the flower glistening orange.

From mid to stem shaded by the shadows.

Ocurring as the sun did plunge.

Born proudly upon the stem but darker shades.


Rose of sunlight has a divine perfume also.

Smelling of summer flowers, grasses and sunlight.

It's leaves shuddered as the rose swayed in the breeze just so.

Peace Rose has grown to quite a height.



by Anita Griffiths 



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Rose Poems

Wars of the roses in Wales. Peace is a good name for a rose - slc