There are many different kinds of volunteerism and through many varied venues in society.

Volunteerism can be on a paid and non-paid basis, some employers, being good employers help with bus fare to and from the job.These better type of employers; generally make an effort to make sure that their volunteer employee are correctly trained in the skills required for the job.

When my children were younger: I helped their interest in sport, by helping, or volunteering to run the mini rugby sports team, at a small village in Anstey, Leceistershire. It was a good year for rugby for Anstey team that year of 1987; when the Anstey mini rugby team won the rugby tournament.We were all so pleased, that all our input had paid off and that we had succeeded, and won the cup.

Recently my grandson who is 16 years old has also completed some volunteerism, on work esperience, with two different types of employers. One employer was "Pets who need vets"; he enjoyed the work and gained a lot of valueable experience in liasoning with customers and other employees.

Another outlet I attend is "Pause for Thought", a mental health group in the village where I live it also has volunteers. These volunteers aid those with mental health problems: whether it is a cup of tea and a chat about different issues; or liasoning between the mentally ill and other services in the community e.g. housing, medical treatment etc.,.

Other important vocations that rely on volunteers are the armed services, medical services and fire services. In these high profile careers, can be found individuals who are volunteers and in order to do these jobs have had to be trained in for example; first aid, health and saftey and communications.

Many people also run in marathons and other sports and use this form of volunteerism to raise cash for good community causes.

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Well done and thank you all volunteers, especially my grandson, so proud of you.

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A proud Granny indeed.Nice one for all volunteers

very nice poem for all volunteers all over the world



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Thank you bishu I am happy you liked my prose - and yes good luck and have fun to volunteers worldwide. Excellent work.




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Oops Sorry Respected Madam Anita for calling prose as poetry

This is why I always say "I AM NOT A POET " 



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are special people, bit hearted
and full of joi de vivre. All that
talent and education should not
be wasted. (hey Bish. When is
a poet not a poet?) when they
call prose poetry - naw. I call
prose poetry all the time
and this prose as a notion will
definitely grow up and become
poetically inclined. :D



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Thanks for your interest Lady

Thanks for your interest Lady A. Your positive comment is reassuring too.