My New Years Resolution for 2015

Seasonal Holidays:



Hi Janet,

I hope you enjoyed the Seasonal festive holidays of Christmas and New Year, this year.

Let me know how you are and all your news by return e-mail. Will look forward to hearing from you.

This e-mail I am sending you, I am sure, will find you and your family in good health and in a relaxed holiday mood.

Christmas and the New Year festivities went well; just Geraint and myself, for me to cook for and Geraint does give a help in hand.

New Year resolution time: there are so many aspects of a persons life they may change for the better, speaking personaly anyway.

There is one area of life, I must do something about and that is my weight problem This is important because I believe my weight problem is impacting on my health.

My favourite flavoured foods are sweet tasting products; I have a sweet tooth and I like generous

portions of food too.

Recently I have settled into routine of taking my new anti-psychotic medication Olanzapine, about 10mcg daily.

This medication is a good general drug for psychotic illnesses; however, it has some drawbacks for example weight gain and an increase in appetite as well.

I was appauld to hear this news from my community psychiatric nurse; who also advised me to excersise and practice better portion control of my food intake.

As you can imagine, any weight reduction regiem I implement; is still going to be an uphill struggle with aforementioned factors against me.

However, try I must: I will probably return to the Herbalife weight loss plan. So I will endeavour at this small plan of mine and in the New Year shall embark on this new diet.

The last time I used this plan I lost three stone in as many  months. On this slimming plan; I would have two vitamin and mineral enriched replacement meals per day and an average size portion evening meal.

Replacement meals are available in different flavours and also for differing diet requirements. For example my personal requirements would be a lactose free replacement meal and lactose free milk; to blend together to make a lactose free replacement meal. As I cannot break down the sugars that are present in dairy products.

I have no idea how New Year resolutions came about; however, I think they are a good idea; as it makes the individual think and reasses their values in life and to look again at the factors effecting their life.

I'm just not sure that Winter is a particularly a good time to start dieting. As in Winter time people generally eat more; especialy in order to keep the effects of cold and wet weather at bay.

Casting off the old ways and habits and finding a new and more sensible ways to adopt, for a better life: is what New Year means to me.

I shall have to see whether I am up for this challenge for the New Year 2015.

A Happy New Year to you and all your family there in South Bunbury, Oz.

Hope you find your resolutions for the New Year 2015 too.

All my love and forever your sister Anita.x





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An e-mail to  my sister Janet in Australia wishing her and her family "A Happy New Year".

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Interesting !! Respected Madam Anita

Thanks for the share Be well Be Happy Smile



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    Thanks for your positive



Thanks for your positive comoment bishu. much appreciated.

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I Binge

Brother died in November, Christmas, two birthdays, and New Years - To send sweets in the mail is the thing here. Mostly chocolates. Gained and now I'm back to small portions and no sugar products. Exercise costs me back ache, but walking will resume Monday. Write a novel, you spend so much time revising you forget to eat. Hmmmm... ;D- Lady A