The World Wide Child




The World wide child blinks.

This child will never learn.

And demonstrates world wide links;

The child is taught every subject that can earn.


World wide child splutters it's anger and violence.

Demonstrating sensationalism.

What a clever child; as askance I glance.

Out pours the child's realism.


How the clever child entertains us all.

And masterminds foecasts and projections.

World wide child portrays it all, without forestall.

As millions daily decide for the child, it's selections.


Omnipotently, the child, strectched it's sight.

All seeing and being: past, present and future, portrayed.

Into the heavens it eventualy, took flight.

Whilst, time, the child waylaid.

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Hmmm interesting. Really great poem. I like the uniqueness of your topics. Not mainstream like many of mine :P 

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World Wide Child:



Very pleased you like my creation World Wide Child; thanks for giving the time to read and comment on my poem, much appreciated truly 48daniel.

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Wow... it's really good! It

Wow... it's really good! It makes me really stop and think!


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World wide child:


I am glad you liked my poem and thanks for the positive comment.

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Re: World Wide Child

No Problem! I really did like it!


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in my mind the child is

in my mind the child is google and apple oh google and apple playing together on the news!

Much Love


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World Wide Child

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my above poem. I am glad it amused you I can just imagine such play by google and apple.

bishu's picture ... Lovely thought Respected Madam ... Lovely thought Respected Madam.Beeg smile from ~a frog~ in a blog



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World Wide Child

Thank you Bishu I am glad you enjoyed my poem.