Lovers Embrace




Tenderly they kissed.

Embracing so gently.

You've always been the one I missed.

Their passion grew ardently.


Here clasped in my arms you belong.

Your loving caresses.

And in my heart a love song.

Sweet, hot kisses.


A union of such sends my heart a flutter.

With terrible longing for your closest embrace.

Of loves unending rapture, we mutter.

Our earnest desire we face.


The meeting of entwined lovers.

Such longing I yearn.

In simplistic bliss, exploring our innermost desires.

To our shared shadowed other world, we sensuously burn.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling romantic , so a love poem.

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RomeonJuliet113's picture

Truly amazing

I love it! It's so sweet. Keep on writing and definitely read some more of my poems as well and I will do the same.

♡Love my babies♡Niklas + Stephan❤ My journey has only began and yet, I get to enjoy it with my boys and my boy friend who inspires me more than he knows. 

baniv's picture

I see what you mean :)

Lovely words... I can imagine what you have written here clearly :)

Thank you.

Once you read , please drop a message if possible. Any comments are most welcome :)


Thank you.

a.griffiths57's picture

Lovers Embrace:



I think your poetry is stylish, do you write in Asian style and also in any of their languages? I only asked because I am a very curious person. I don't speak my native language Welsh but I have plans too and often wonder how the translation would work out with some of my poems. Your comment is much appreciated.

baniv's picture

sorry was late in replying

Hi there, no I do not write in my native language.. :) thats an interesting though. I mostly interact in English here.. so i'm not really comfortable with native language :(. I realize over time that its a bad thing, we should know our native language.

Uhmm :) good luck with Welsh.



Once you read , please drop a message if possible. Any comments are most welcome :)


Thank you.

hopelessly-candid's picture

i must admit that this

i must admit that this poem almost made me cry.... absolutely beautiful

a.griffiths57's picture

    Thank you for taking the



Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry and thanks for the encouraging comment.

thisisme789's picture

mmm! Beautiful! delicately

mmm! Beautiful! delicately written! Its erotic, i think is the right word...


a.griffiths57's picture

    Glad you liked my poem,



Glad you liked my poem, thisisme, thanks.

thisisme789's picture

No problem! I really did!

No problem! I really did!


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Oo ooh! Lovely and tender!

Oo ooh! Lovely and tender! Love this! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

a.griffiths57's picture

    Appreciate your comments,



Appreciate your comments, thanks.

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Goody write Respected Mm a.griffitts57

Goody write Respected Mm a.griffitts57.Was indeed softy nice to read.The colour of the words were just perfect.. suited for the poem.



a.griffiths57's picture

  Thanks for your much


Thanks for your much appreciated comments, bishu.