New Year





A time of reflecitng of old ways.

Putting them aside and letting them go.

Setting them free, wherever they lay:

Unburdening yourself of wearisome lore.


Midnight strikes and the crowd says:

"Happy New Year"! to so and so.

A happy rendition of "Auld lang syne" raises;

From amongst the crowd, friends and foe.


Everybody ready with their New Year resolutions:

To loose wieght, stop smoking, gain promotion.

Greeting the New Year with merry salutations.

Are many of the population.

Author's Notes/Comments: 



A Happy New Year to all.

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Very true! Happy new year to

Very true! Happy new year to you too!


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  Thank you.


Thank you.

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No problem! do u have this

No problem! do u have this poem more than once?