Have Your Say




Through narrow, winding country lanes,

green and abundant hedgrows.

Where we discover at the centre of a tiny village;

A white cross and a few white steps.


At the top of the steps a man, can speak of bane.

And how the problems grow.

Right at the centre of the location, where once there was a pillage!

Hence the cross and steps, to discuss, whatever, in depth.


To speak of discussions and debates languishing pain;

On the diminishment of public crows:

A lot less was heard about life's spillage!

Or detailed of life's account, adept.


A collective of differing ideas and a man, in the main;

By education and a vote, shall say, what way to go.

And of life to remain villagent.

So our say is always kept!


Anita Griffiths.



Author's Notes/Comments: 


Good for the evolution of the adult vote; especially womens rights and vote at a later time.

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"...so our say is always kept..."

You have a gift for verse and politic ~Lady A