The Growing Season




Spring has arrived,

Bright, warm sun,

I could have cried.

Flowers that bloom,

I could have fun.

Scents= fragrance too

Gone the Winter gloom

Colour attracts the eye

The senses too

Meadow grass adopting

Its greener lushness

From a myriad of colourful planting,

Springs light breezes, hushness,

Gentle, seasonal, rainfall,

Feeds nature all around

To await Summer gainful

Crops falling to the ground,

And there is harvest plenty abounding,

Loaning bounty to all aspects,

The growing season prospects.....


Anita Griffiths


Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are all only three days away from the farm, even in this mass prodced era.

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Lots of Farms

in Michigan, less than an hour from any city. The seasons define and inspire us. :D



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Thanks allets for reading my

Thanks allets for reading my poem and commenting too. I like and appreciate your opinion, thanks.